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Study the science behind and clinical application of medical cannabis with a focus on the endocannabinoid system, delivery and dosage – 13 CME credits
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Learn the nurses’ role when providing medical cannabis as a treatment option, communication strategies, delivery and dosage and more – 8 CNE contact hours
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All Healthcare Professionals

Master the basics of the ECS, cannabinoid receptors and the effect of endocannabinoids on physiologic systems – 1.25 CME credits
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Very solid information backed up with references, research, case reports, historical accounts.

Andrew V., MD, MS, EMT

I found this course very easy to understand, even though I am not in the medical field.

Roque R.

Excellent evidence-based presentations by informed lecturers.

Gary G.

Inform Your Members and Staff

TMCI Global can help inform your member and physician groups with science-based, on-demand, CME-certified courses. Our Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum is designed to educate practicing clinicians on both the research and clinical practice aspects of medical cannabis. Contact us to learn more.

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