How long do I have access to my course?

Course access is available for 12 months from the date you activate your key.  You may choose to auto-enroll in your course during check out.  During this one year period, you may review the course as many times as you would like.

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Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase on your site?

No. PayPal will process the payment, but you can still pay using your credit card. During the checkout process, select “PayPal” rather than “Pay Later,” then on the next pop-up screen, scroll down to see the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option.

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How do I purchase courses for more than one learner (for my medical group, healthcare organization, etc.)?

Contact or call 844-490-2569 (Mon.-Fri., 9-5 EST) for assistance.

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May I purchase more than one course at a time?

Yes, you may purchase several courses at once by adding them to your cart, or you can return to the site at any time later to purchase additional modules.

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What is the refund policy of this site?

Purchases made on this site are non-refundable. Refunded monies for learning content not yet accessed will be returned minus the payment portal processing fee.

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Who should I contact for technical support?

Contact or call 844-490-2569 (Mon.-Fri., 9-5 EST) for assistance.

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Can I purchase TMCIGlobal courses if medical cannabis is not currently legal in my state or country?

Yes, you may purchase access to educational content regardless of the legal status of medical cannabis in your state or country.

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Why am I being charged GST/VAT?

Sales in certain geographic locations require collection of additional taxes by sellers and distribution of those taxes by sellers to the appropriate government authorities. These tax rates differ by country/location and can generally be found on your country’s or locale’s official website.

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Why can’t I access the course I purchased within the past year?

Once you purchase a course, you must activate it in order to start your coursework. This activation will start your 12-month access period. If you did not check the box to activate your course during the registration process, you can do so now by logging in to your TMCIGlobal account and entering the activation key from your confirmation email in the appropriate field on the “Activate Key” tab.

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What are the system requirements for the site and content?



The site and courses are generally compatible with all web browsers that have been updated within the past three years.

Some hospital security settings and firewalls may prevent your coursework from checking off as complete; you may wish to complete your course content from a home network or have your hospital IT department whitelist this website.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

  • Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad/iPhone
  • Android 4.0 or later on phone or tablet

Note: Some TMCIGlobal courses require Adobe Flash. For iPhones and iPads, we recommend using the Puffin web browser. It is a free download on the iTunes or Android store. When accessing your content using the Puffin browser, click the main menu at the top right and choose “Request Desktop Site.”

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Will I receive a written copy or book about the course in the mail?

Our courses are exclusively online; no books will be provided.  Once you activate your course, you will have 12 months’ access to it, and you may access it as often and as many times as you would like.
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All of the other videos in this course worked; why isn’t this one?

Some of the modules within our course were made using Adobe Flash. Even if you have Flash player enabled on this computer, you will still need to follow the steps below to update your Adobe Flash.

DISCLAIMER, If you are using a work computer it is possible that your work has blocked Flash, in which case you must talk to whoever is administrating your network.
If this is not the case, then please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please go to Settings (the three little vertical dots on the top right-hand corner of the browser window). Scroll down and click “Advanced”.
  2. Next, scroll down to “Privacy and security” and click “Content settings”.
  3. Click “Flash”.
  4. Next, click “ADD” next to “Allow”.
  5. Type in “” and click “ADD”.

You should then see the URL listed under the “Allow” Section.

You may need to close and relaunch your browser once you are finished for the changes to take effect.

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Which courses do you recommend for the novice learner?

You can find courses on basic science listed under the Individual Courses topic area. The Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum is a comprehensive learning program which includes courses in the fundamentals of cannabinoid medicine.

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Are your courses suitable for physicians or someone in the medical community?

TMCIGlobal online courses educate clinicians, caregivers and patients on the history, pharmacology and delivery and dosage related to medical cannabis, as well as the underlying endocannabinoid system. For practicing clinicians, the curriculum also presents more detailed clinical practice and case study reviews.

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What type of credit is available for the TMCIGlobal courses?

Our courses offer a variety of credit types. Some of our courses offer AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM, ANCC contact hour(s), and/or ACPE Credit. We are constantly expanding our course catalog, so please take a look at our course pages to see which credits are currently available. 

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What is my ACPE number?

If you are claiming Pharmacy Education credits and do not remember your ACPE (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education) number, you should contact the ACPE directly for your number. If you do not need Pharmacy Education credits, you do not need to claim the ACPE certificate.

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Must I claim my credit immediately after completing a course? How long will my certificate be available for me to print?

It is recommended that you claim your credit immediately after completing a course. To review all certificates for completed courses, click on “My Courses” in the main navigation and click the “Access Certificates” button for each course.

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What content do you plan on offering via eLearning in the future?

TMCIGlobal plans to add new courses covering multiple specialty areas, case studies, new research information, and conference proceedings.  Join our mailing list by entering your email at the bottom of the page for information on course updates. As well, TMCIGlobal is preparing direct access to the global audience through In addition to direct access, TMCIGlobal partners with Futura Farms to distribute courses in Peru.

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Whom do I contact for more information on course content?

Contact or call 844-490-2569 (Mon.-Fri., 9-5 EST) for assistance.

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How will I know when new content is added to the site?

You can receive email notifications from TMCI on new courses and site updates. Please select that option on the registration form. You can unsubscribe from email notifications at any time.

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How will your course help me in obtaining a job in the industry?

TMCIGlobal courses provide education on the history, pharmacology and delivery and dosage related to medical cannabis, as well as the underlying endocannabinoid system. Several dispensaries are now utilizing the TMCIGlobal curriculum in their employee training. TMCIGlobal‘s physician-level education would go a long way to prepare you to work in the industry. While no one can guarantee job placement, we are confident that the TMCIGlobal courses will serve you well on your way to starting a career in the industry.

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Does TMCIGlobal offer scholarships or a payment plan?

No, TMCIGlobal does not offer scholarships or payment plans at this time.

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I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click the “Login” link in the top navigation, then click “Lost Your Password.” Enter your email address or username on the following page and you will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to reset your password. If you have technical difficulties, then contact the Service Center.

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What if I have difficulty printing my certificate?

If you are having trouble with the pdf certificate, it may be that you should upgrade your Adobe Reader program, try using a different browser, or potentially try from a different computer. If you still need assistance, you can contact the TMCIGlobal Service Center at 844-490-2569 for assistance between the hours of 9-5 EST Mon.-Fri.

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How long do I have access to my course content after I purchase it?

You will have access to each course you purchase for 12 months after activating the course.

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How do I access my expired certificates?

In order to claim an expired certificate please see the steps below:

1. If you have not claimed your certificate prior to the expiration of your course, you will not be able to claim them.

2. Click on “My Courses” tab at the top right section of your screen after you log in.

3. Below the search bar in the “Filter” option, select “Expired.” This will display all expired courses.

4. To the right of each course click the green “Access Certificate” button to view the certificate for that course.

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Once I complete the Ohio State Healthcare Providers course, what do I send to the Ohio State Medical Board?

This course contains CME/CE-Certified Activity and other State-Specific Resources. Physicians wishing to apply for a CTR will need to download the CME Certificate from the CME/CE-Certified Activity AND the Certificate of Completion (not certified for CME/CE credit) from the State-Specific Resource Activity, and submit BOTH of these certificates as part of the application to the Ohio State Medical Board.

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