Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabidiol for Cancer Patients

Sara Jane Ward, PhD


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You Will Learn About

  • Interaction between cancer and cannabinoids
  • Description of the phytocannabinoid Cannabidiol

Dr. Ward discusses the interaction between cancer and cannabinoids, drawing distinctions between phytocannabinoids, endocannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids. She presents a detailed description of the phytocannabinoid Cannabidiol, outlining its therapeutic potential for the treatment of the primary and secondary health consequences of cancer.

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Sara Jane Ward, PhD

saraResearch Assistant Professor, Center for Substance Abuse Research,Temple University School of Medicine

Dr. Sara Jane Ward is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She earned her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem NC and conducted her own NIH-funded research under a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Temple University. Dr. Ward is currently working with Dr. Walker examining the behavioral pharmacology of opioids, serotonergics, chemotherapeutics, and cannabinoids. She is also working to establish an independently funded program investigating the role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in learning, reward, and addiction.