Is Your Patient Impaired by Cannabis?

Paul Armentano


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You Will Learn About

  • Impairments brought on by the use of medical cannabis
  • Traditional measures for drug detection methods and relation with impairment

What exactly are the potential impairments brought on by the use of medical marijuana? Paul Armentano leads learners through research on marijuana-influenced changes on psychomotor performance and cognitive abilities, as well as looks at the traditional measures for drug detection methods and how and if this relates to impairment.

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Paul Armentano

armentanoDeputy Director: NORML, NORML Foundation

Paul Armentano is the Deputy Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). His writing has appeared in over 750 publications, including in several peer-reviewed publications, and in over a dozen academic textbooks. He has spoken at numerous national conferences and legal seminars, testified before state legislatures and federal agencies, and assisted dozens of criminal defense attorneys in cases pertaining to the use of medicinal cannabis, drug testing, and drugged driving. He has appeared as an expert witness in federal court on issues pertaining to the proper interpretation of drug testing examinations and has consulted on dozens of cases involving cannabis and psychomotor performance. He is a faculty member at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, where he lectures on the medicinal properties of cannabinoids, as well as on issues pertaining to workplace drug testing.