Cannabis in the Management of Neuromuscular Disorders

Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS


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You Will Learn About

  • Cannabis use for neuropathic pain
  • Clinical pharmacology of cannabis
  • Potential of cannabis as a powerful therapeutic option in the management of neuromuscular disorders

Dr. Carter explores cannabis use for neuropathic pain, including discussion of the administration of various cannabis formulations. Learners will have a closer look at clinical pharmacology of cannabis along with an examination of cannabinoid receptors and key endocannabinoid system elements. Through a review of key literature and research, Dr. Carter presents the potential of cannabis as a powerful therapeutic option in the management of neuromuscular disorders.

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Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS

carterMedical Director, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, Spokane, WA

Dr. Carter is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist) who co-directs the Muscular Dystrophy Association/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Clinics at the University of Washington Medical Center. His clinical research is focused on trying to better understand the relationship between pain, physical disability, and quality of life in neuromuscular disease (NMD). This would allow for the development of better treatment protocols, ultimately improving the rehabilitation and palliative care of this patient population. His pre-clinical research involves characterizing the neuromuscular electrophysiology of genetically corrected animal models of human NMD.